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7Hills Camp is for Boys and Girls.

Nestled on the sandy beaches of beautiful Lake Ossipee amidst the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Camp offers a summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning and adventure. Campers range in age from seven to fifteen.” link=”#” link_caption=”Find out more” class=”about_section” top=”large” bottom=”huge”][/trx_section]

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It was the best summer camp ever! I had great time here and have
met a lot of new friends! I’ll be back!
It was the best summer camp ever! I had great time here and have
met a lot of new friends! I’ll be back!
It was the best summer camp ever! I had great time here and have
met a lot of new friends! I’ll be back!
Methew Green7 y.o.
Lisa Simpson10 y.o.
Alisia Mann9 y.o.
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